Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Usetacould Do Drawrings

I have been bitten by the drawing bug lately. I used to draw all the time and was pretty good at it I guess. I have made about a dozen sketches of some cycling specific ideas, and as soon as I can find my pastels from my college days, I will try to lay down a piece or two. I am more of a precision/graphics oriented person, but I see these as being wildly gestural and unstructured. For me anyways. If anything cool comes out of my hands I will try to post a picture of it. Later!


bluecolnago said...

looking forward to seeing some of your drawings. i love pen and ink! i like to draw old farm scenes. not too good at people though.... :)

Travel Gravel said...

It is hard to draw people sometimes. I went through a cartooning kick a few years ago and couldn't draw a womanly charicature to save my name. They always looked like Roger Daltry! We'll see. Later!