Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Headset Press

Dwight, here is a photo of the headset press I was referring to. I would suggest that if you try this you should buy a bolt with a hex head on it, not a round headed bolt like the one here. That way you can get a wrench on top and bottom. If you start the headset cups nice and level they will press in no problem. Make sure that the washers are a much bigger diameter than the cups so that they seat the cups down with more equal force. I had to use two washers on each end as the big washers have a big hole in them, so I stepped up to them with a washer that has a hole closer in size to the diameter of the bolt. Does that make sense? It went together like this:


I'm sure you'll find more creative setups on the web, but this one is easy to do also. Good Luck! Later! Travel Gravel!


bontrag said...

I've used the same setup Greg. Work well as long as your washers' O.D. is very nearly the I.D. of the headset's cups.

bluecolnago said...

i agree. i use a threaded rod with nuts and washers on both ends but that's just me. it's certainly a workable tool for A LOT less money than a regular headset press.

Travel Gravel said...

So Alex, you're saying that you have washers on the inside of the cups? That would put them right on the race wouldn't it? I trust that it must work, and probably better than the way I do it. I have just always had my washers on top of the cups. How's your journey going? Living the dream? Later! Blue, I guess you would know all about "presses" now wouldn't you!