Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday Escape

Got out on the roads Tuesday and it felt great! I rode my usual R. Ave to the county line and then back on Q. Ave. It is such a scenic little bit of county road I can't believe I am lucky enough to live close enough to ride it whenever I want to. The snow/ice was just grippy enough on the way up to allow me to ride it at speed and make little to no roost. I rode the white snow and stayed away from anything dark (read: ice) or the powdery gravel. It was just starting to get wet on the way back, but still a great ride. I stopped here to have some water and enjoy the day that was provided for me, and the rural postal carrier that I had waved to three miles back pulled up to see if I was "ok" or needed "help" !! Couldn't he see the huge smile on my face? He rolled down his window and I said, "How's it going?", to which he chuckled and responded, "How's it going with YOU?" He thought that it was pretty cool that I was riding for fun on the roads he mis-trusts and feels a little unsafe on, even with his studded tires. I laughed and told him that my tires (Michelins ROCK!!!)were biting right through the snowy surface and that I hadn't spun a wheel or slipped at all. He just chuckled and said that he didn't feel right driving along without checking on me. I told him thanks and that I would watch out for HIM if he ended up in a ditch. He was cool.
This old country school is also cool. It is just up R Ave. between 180th and 190th. There is a movement in Boone to preserve it and use it as an educational tool. They wanted to move it from its site to an area off one of the school grounds here in town, but the $ needed to do so was too much. Also the risk of loosing the structure in the move was sky high! I am happy that the land owner is donating the building and land to the town and it will remain on the original grounds. The bricks are being shored up and replaced, and they will tuck point the whole works later. A cool tool for the community. I would love to see a KCCI weather cam there to help with security as well as providing a boost to the science curricula. Might be a good place to try for some Project Mainstreet monies too.

Cracked the rear ski all the way through on my ski bike so now it is in dry-dock until I can get another one, or nail some tin on to get me by. And with fresh powder looming, I will need to do something! Have fun out there and don't forget to check over your shoulder once in a while. Later!


Captain Bob said...

Sounds like a nice ride. Thanks for sharing. Not a lot of us riding outside these days. I love that building. Nice to hear it is staying put.

Travel Gravel said...

The school sits on a parcel of land about half the size of a city block. Plenty of land for a swing set, teeter-totter, or slide. My 11 year old son has volunteered me to install new wood flooring once the structure is ready. Thanks son! I wonder if a 3/4" solid Brazilian cherry, with micro-beveled edges, a titanium oxide wear layer, and bonded acoustic padding would be close to the original floor? Probably not! Thanks for reading, Later!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Dave from Dubuque. Normally I ride about 10 months a year outdoors, and maintain my legs the other two with rollers. However this early snow has got me thinking I would like to ride more, in the snow. So what tires were you using?

Travel Gravel said...

Dave, I was riding some Michelin Cyclocross Mud tires, 30cm I think. These tires are so grippy on anything it's unreal. I have a set of Michelin Wild Grippers on my singlespeed wheels (shared among 4 frames) that just today sufferes a herniated sidewall:( I'll patch it from the inside of the sidewall though, because they are my fav tires of all time. Thanks for reading, and keep on rollin'! Later!

bluecolnago said...

i agree with the cap'n.... sounds like a great ride. we have a few of those old country schools around this area too but they are slowly disappearing altogether.

keep riding!