Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On Hot Rodding Bikes

So it appears to me that if I had more time to dream up things to do with old bikes I would be spending ALL of my time dreaming, and not enough of my time riding. But as winter approaches and the odds of running out the door and riding 30 miles are getting smaller, I will share a link that has inspired some crazy ass builders to do way more than just tinker. Check out and look beyond the feature bikes. Look through all of the home built bikes and the show coverage. Some of the bikes being built in the Amsterdam show are insane! I love the mini bikes (10" wheels?) in that show. And all those black wheels! Big meats up front, even white tires. Granted, some of these guys struggle with the negative space and proportion, and I can't really tell you why I hate Ape Hanger bars so much, but they're at least doing something to grow and learn. Entering a judged show is a quick lesson in anything. Imagine a judged race! "I didn't like the colors on your kit as compared to your bike, and you don't do a hard enough effort between climbs, I'm relegating you five spots back from your finishing spot!" WTF?
The site is usually updated about every 3 months. So go to this site once in a while and spend some time looking at the creative side of bike culture. You may just have an inspiration to go with your perspiration. Later!

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