Monday, November 26, 2007

Short Term Goals

I NEED to spend more time on the bike (anything counts at this point) so I have set up a couple of short term goals. First, I will try to ride to some destination on my day off (Tuesdays) no matter the miles. Miles are not the measure of a ride as some of us know. Others will arrive at this enlightened realization only after chasing miles for too long and forgetting what keeps an adult riding their bike in this world, FUN! Go out and ride Urban, or gravel if you don't usually, or just ride laps around your yard...make up reasons to go out. Make a BRUTOOB and go for a ride. Buy a thrift store dinosaur and just ravage it somewhere. Trust me, it is very therapeutic. You'll have to convince yourself NOT to get rid of it afterwords.
Another goal is to ride at least part of my measly 2-mile-each-way commute to work each day until the end of the year. I make no less than 4 trips per day- to, back home for lunch,back to, and home after. Add 2 additional trips on Monday and Thursday, and there are plenty of opportunities there to ride. If gas gets too much more crazy you couldn't pay me to drive it. Besides, it will give me more smiles than miles. Rode back from dinner tonight, it's a start.
Next is to keep a project bike in the basement at all times this winter. I have some older projects that have been shoved to the back of the garage it favor of the quicker fixer uppers. For instance, I bought an old Raleigh about 3 years ago that I just never did anything with. It's old steel, the right size for me, has internally routed cables, and I have all the parts I need to get it back on the go! And a bike from a brand that I can't find anything out about, Rolls. It has a license sticker from Fullerton, California, and is coated with some kind of green gunk. All of the chrome underneath this gunk is spotless, so I have hopes for this one to end up a nice fixed gear. I figure that I can get 4 or 5 bikes done this winter. Can't argue with that!
Another, to build up a good array of winter riding gear, and use it. I want some ski goggles, neoprene booties, and glove/mittens for starters. (By the way, check out bikesnobnyc for a fun read on this area.) If I get this ski-bike off the ground, and I soon will, I can go out with my sons and have a blast on any Sunday. Have to check with Joel about the technical requirements of the ski edges/lengths for taking it to 7 Oaks. I can't wait for snow!
So I guess that by posting some of these goals I can feel like I really have to do them now. If only there were fewer Saturday events, and more on Sunday, I would have mondo opportunities to ride. Actually, that wouldn't help too much because I will be teaching Sunday School with my wife for the rest of the year. Gotta pay your dues if you wanna play the blues, and you know it don't come easy. Later!

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