Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bike Of The Week: Performance

Another, yes it's true, dumpster-dived rescue. This one took some vision because it was just an ugly junker. Tires rotted out, stamped and riveted cranks, really odd wheelbase, etc. Since I felt like crap on Tuesday (my normal day off from work) I decided to just try to make it into something I could ride for the heck of it. So I took off all the junk, flipped the extra-wide riser bars and painted them right over the rust, shortened up the cables and housings, pulled the cranks, and stuck the wheels from my GT on there. From there I straightened out the chainline, slid on a 16 tooth, and re centered the brakes. Found a decent seat, slipped some WTB grips on, and whaddayaknow, it's a rideable bike! A little short in the reach, but I can put on a different stem to help there. And I have another set-back post that is the right diameter which should just about dial it in. I went out last night for a little urban riding and had a blast! There is a poured curb downtown that is about 150 feet long, on a slight incline/decline. 8" wide by 9" tall. I tried about 20 times to ride it from each direction. The closest I got was all but about 20 feet of it, on the uphill. Then went to the sweetest hill in town for wheelies. It is a stretch of Story Street that is three blocks long. All on a slight incline and just the right resistance for the one wheeled wonder! I managed to do two and a half blocks (blowing through a red light in the second block) but couldn't get the total length in one shot. Still, a 2+ block long wheelie is good. The bike seems to have a very long wheel base, and actually looks like it was made for 700c wheels. Also, the bottom bracket is very tall. It does have a sticker on the top tube which reads "400 cross" so I'm thinking that even though the brake studs are at 26" position it is probably a 700c frame. Makes sense that the manufacturer could make one set of tubes, then weld the studs at the correct position for a mtn or cross/hybrid frame. This reminds me, there was a bike on FGG that had these sweet adapters on it. They are made by Mavic and adapt the brake studs from a 26" frame to 700c position. Assuming that there is enough clearance on the fork, stay braces for the wheels you could actually do quite a bit with these. Speedgoat has them for $25.00 per wheel, I think I need some! Anyways, back to BOTW, I think I will put some miles on it on the gravel and keep it around for riding to work this winter. I actually only tried to do something with it because I love the green tires vs. the blue paint and green/white graphics. Now I think I like it enough to race it next year. Looks good with a number plate on it, as all bikes do! I need help! Later!

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