Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a Day

What a day for a ride! If you were not able to go out today you missed a great day! I rode up R Ave. until the Boone/Hamilton County line. From there I had a choice of going to Stanhope or Stratford. I had some Poptarts at the top of a hill and thought about it for awhile. Stratford won out and I was soon headed West into a very slight headwind. Just enough of a wind to keep the sweat from collecting, but not enough to make work out of riding into it. Each mile was just better than the last until I found myself laughing out loud at the perfect day. Here are some of the things that I was treated to on my ride.

Someone gave a "dam" about their land and made a beautiful wetland preserve on Q Ave.

This is the other side of the road. I wanted so badly to ride down some double track and look at the water! If I had land I would do exactly this same thing. Then put in some single track!

These little snakes were all over the place today, sunning themselves at the side of the road.

I will be back to poach this creek for some ice riding once things get to perma-cold stage. If you have never been ice riding you are welcome to come with. More on this later!

This little country church was hiding in the middle of nowhere in Hamilton county. I could see the spire for miles but had never known about it before today. Don't know how many miles it was for today, but they were all quality miles. Who could ask for more? Later!


Travel Gravel said...

Does anybody know why my pictures won't pull up after I post? I can't figure this out, and some pictures are better viewed in a larger format. Any ideas?

Huevos con Salsa said...

When you upload, it gives you three radio buttons for "small, medium, and large". I think if you use the small option, it doesn't allow a "click to supersize". Try medium or large. I'm not sure whether or not that's the answer, but maybe worth a try.