Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Other Bike Of the Week: Shrink Ray

This is a bike that I bought at Goodwill for a fixer-upper. I painted it to "match" my KHS and gave it to my son, Marshall, for his first bike. He rode it quite a bit until the big day came. He helped me take the training wheels off and we hoped for a quick crash and recovery, then riding for the rest of his life. We got the quick crash, but then he would NOT try to ride it at all. He would go out with his helmet on and try for 10 minutes and then end up chucking his helmet across the yard and caving in to tears. But bless him, he would go back and try again, chuck the lid again, and fume until the next round. I believe he would have learned quickly if his little brother, Mitchell, wouldn't have walked up to his own bike and ridden away without training wheels on the first try! Kinda ruined it for poor Marshall. So now Mitch is big enough to ride the KHS Team, and is the reason that I come home to freshly worn singletrack in my back yard. Love that! At 7 years old he is already counting laps around the house (76 on a Saturday, watch out Squirrel!) and can rip a skid like a dream *Now with trailing foot action!* He thinks that this is a wheelie, but it's more of an act of momentum vs. gravity. But we're calling it a wheelie for now! Kids and their bikes, gotta love it. Later!

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Carney said...

The first time my dad tried to have me ride without training wheels, he pushed me right into a big pine tree!! I still run into trees, but under my own power!!